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About Us

Hi there, I’m Marcel Wind

… and I am pursuing my career as a web design freelancer. My passions are bodybuilding, combat sports and electronic music.

I employ state-of-the-art website building tools such as WordPress, Webflow and Shopify. I learned to wield their power, so you don’t have to. The key to my clients’ success for me lies in dedication, clear communication and an efficient work process.

I run this agency on my own, but not alone. A whole network of artists, backend developers, sales experts and hosting services, lies at my fingertips, and on which can rely on in finding the best solution for you.

I will build you the perfect website. Whether you want a brilliant Landing Page, a personal Community Hub, or an appealing online shop, I will provide you with a quality web platform specifically tailored to your brand. My pages are adaptive and run well on all devices.

Core Values

You’re the center

We want to realize your dreams. That’s why we see clear communication with you as the most effective means of getting there.


Your time is valuable, we understand.
Thus, we are making sure to get the results to you FAST.


Your product is worked on with precision.
The tools you need, where you need them.
Pixel-perfect placement of content and media.

Fair Pricing

Prior to agreeing to contracting with us, you will get a detailed quotation of the estimated costs for your project, and you will be notified on any changes during the build.

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